Python Development Workflow

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Hello friends,

Today I would like to share one awesome guide with you, this is related to Python Development Workflow.

Below the Table of Content

  • Thanks
  • License
  • Goal
  • Project
  • IDE
  • Create and Load the virtual environment
  • Create the Project Directory
  • The Code - First Version not OO
  • The Code - Second Version OO
  • Quality Assurance Application / Install pylint and flake8
  • Execute pylint on the code
    • after fix the code
  • Execute flake8 on the code
    • after fix the code
  • Code after all advices / changes
  • Configure the dir to be able to import module
  • Github
  • Create the Python Package
  • Installing the calc_demo Package
  • Function Based Test Using pytest
  • Class Based Test Using Unit Test
  • Test the code with pytest
  • TRICKs
  • Quality Assurance Application / Framework TOX
  • Initial TOX Configuration
  • Continuous Integration - Travis
  • Coveralls
  • Branch’s and Fork’s
  • Python Scaffolding
  • Conclusion
  • Links

I hope you enjoy the material.

Please, feel free to send your feedback, I’ll be so glad to improve this guide.

Thank you